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Kim Clement prophecy to Franco confirms his fleece!

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"I attended a 3 day conference with Kim Clement at Jubilee Church in San Jose and on the first day I put a fleece before the Lord to be answered or I would not pursue this movie project and walk away. I told the Lord to show Kim Clement who I am in the spirit and for Kim to call me out with over 3,000 attending the service. On the 3rd day I was the only one Kim called out during the entire conference." - Franco Masada

Masada - The Christian Tower of Power-Santana Band 

Franco founded The Masada Band, well known as Christian Tower of Power/Santana/Chicago band. 

"Masada, the best kept secret in Christian music today!" Jon Gibson, Award Winning Contemporary Christian Artist

"They hit a home run each time at our concerts!!"

says Jon Robberson, CEO of Spirit West Coast.


One August evening in 1973 around midnight I was outside of my home staring up at the stars above when one bright star caught my attention as it twinkled. In that very instant the black sky ripped open like paper being torn in two revealing a blinding white light as the sky peeled back from the center like two ancient writing scrolls rolling back with the edges on fire and suddenly... the face of Jesus Christ appeared filling the entire sky and universe! Frightened beyond imagination I immediately fell flat on my back under the power of his glory!

Then Jesus pointed his huge hand with his index finger to me, almost touching my nose and shouted with a voice that shook the heavens, “YOU!!!”. I screamed back frightened, “What God? What do you want?” He continued to point His finger and shouted, “I WANT YOU!” I immediately thought of the Uncle Sam poster but when I felt his voice like a flood of waters rushing through my very being as if my body was a screen, I was terrified and knew this was the Lord! I screamed back even louder, “Please don’t kill me God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I didn't believe. What do you want?” He shouted, “YOU!!!”, and then vanished. I was 17 years old when I met Jesus face to face.

A month later on September 24, my 18th birthday, I flew to Hollywood with a recording contract in hand but God had other plans and on that day on Hollywood Blvd and Vine St, I heard the plan of salvation, asked Jesus to forgive me and to come into my heart… and I walked away from Hollywood and my dreams of being a Rock Star!


Exactly 40 years later to the date, on my birthday, I was invited to a red carpet event in Hollywood by my friends Shawn Bolz & Rabbi Jason Sobel... and the event just happened to be by Hollywood Blvd & Vine where this all began! My calling to Hollywood was already confirmed by Kim Clement's prophecy but this night my calling was sealed with signs , wonders and specific prophecy that only God could reveal.

                                                           (read below for Franco's full testimony)



A frightened pregnant 16 year old girl is home in the bathroom trying to perform an abortion on herself by inserting a wire hanger and plastic to pull the fetus out when suddenly the bathroom door violently bursts open and her mother quickly yanks the hangar and plastic out of her daughter and yells at the top of her voice, “God is going to use this child!” Then on September 24, 1955, in San Francisco, CA, my life was spared... and I was BORN!

My goal in writing this book, is to humbly share the story of my life, in a chronological timeline, of every key memory, that obviously has left a lasting impression in my mind and has affected my life, like building blocks to my personality. But more importantly, I believe my experiences have steered me in a purposeful direction to impact the lives of others like yourself. We should look at our life as an epistle, a letter to be shared with the world, whether through our mistakes or our victories, to influence our fellow man down a better path and eventually to life eternal, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It seems to me I had a very good understanding of the spiritual world at a very young age, even before I ever started school. I remember one night while trying to fall asleep, I felt an eerie presence enter my room and suddenly "IT" leaped on me and I was instantly paralyzed and I couldn't scream, lying there frightened. Then "IT" began to pull me out of my bed and dragged me into the hallway but I grabbed onto the door jam of the bathroom, hanging on for dear life! I finally was able to scream out loud and my mother rushed out from her bedroom, turned on the light, saw me clinging on to the door jam screaming and everything suddenly stopped.

My mother tried to comfort me, that I was just having a bad dream or nightmare but I told her "NO, it wasn't a nightmare! It was the Devil and He was trying to take me out to the street and kill me!" No matter what she said to convince me otherwise, I knew from that moment on, the Devil was very real and was my enemy. I was only 4 years old.

One rainy morning I missed the bus to school so my dad drove me to school instead, but by the time he got ready to leave for work and dropped me off, school had already started. I walked up to the classroom and stood outside in the pouring rain as I watched through the window my teacher teaching class to the students. I then turned around, walked that long mile back home in the rain to face a shocked mother in the kitchen. I said to her, “I’m not going to be late to class or I’m not going at all!” I don't know why this memory so stands out to me to this day, but maybe it was the beginning of me developing my character. I was in kindergarten and was only 5 years old.

One evening I walked out to the porch of our little two bedroom one bath home in South San Francisco to witness my mother standing there, crying all alone. When I asked her what was wrong she said, “You’re dad just lost his job and we have to sell the car to pay the rent.” I said, “Don’t worry mom, everything’s gonna be alright.” She walked back in the house and I looked up to the stars in the heavens and said, “God, I make a vow this night that I will never be poor!” I was only 7 years old.

By this time my family moved to San Jose and attended Dorsa Elementary. One of my favorite teachers was Miss Rydeen and one morning she walks up to me and says, “You’re not in trouble but the principal wants to see you right now”. When I arrived to the principal's office, he greeted me with a warm and proud smile and said, “These three men came all the way from Washington, D.C. to meet you because your S.A.T. scores are so high.” I looked up at these men in black suits, white shirts, black ties and black sunglasses and one of them said, “We’re just gonna sit down and talk for a while and ask you some questions... because you had a quite unusual high test score." I remember they mentioned I had scored so high in problem solving with matching which diagrams belonged to the illustration and which didn't that there was no class for my comprehension level and on top of that my English was at 11th grade high school level. I was only in fifth grade at the time and 10 years old.

During my youth and into my teenage years, I remember so clearly two large pictures that hung in my bedroom along with a giant American Flag. One picture was of two little children crossing a dangerous old partially broken down wooden bridge over a river below with an ANGEL helping them across safely. The other picture was of Jesus walking and carrying a LAMB in His arms as the rest of His flock of sheep followed Him. I was raised in a catholic home and I always loved God and America from as long as I can remember, but one day it came time to make my confirmation as a catholic by kissing the Bishop's ring and I refused and told my mother, “I don’t know for sure what the difference is, but someday I want to be a Christian!” I was 12 years old.

My father played guitar and sang all the time around the home and at family picnics and even at restaurants and bars people would ask for my dad to play and sing. Besides being a straight A student my whole life, I began playing guitar at a very early age and became very good to the point I started my own Santana-Chicago-Tower of Power Latin funk rock band, playing for High Schools, Colleges, Weddings, Private Events, State Fairs, New Years Eve parties, and we became one the most popular Bay Area bands for the next five years till I graduated High School. I started my band while attending Fischer Middle School in the 8th grade and was 13 years old.

I really enjoyed my years at Overfelt High School and found my classes in math, science, history and English so easy and couldn't understand why so many students struggled and would complain about studying and not passing their tests. Many would ask me, why was I always smiling as if it was nothing for me. I even wondered why it was easy for me. Meanwhile I loved my music as well as being very active in sports such as track, cross-country, wrestling and soccer. I even taught Guitar as one of my classes in my senior year and was voted "Most Friendliest" for my senior class. Then the Dean told me that I had enough credits to be able to graduate early if I didn't want to return for the second semester after our Christmas vacation. I couldn't say yes fast enough. I was 17 yrs and 3 months old and finally on my own!

I had saved up a decent amount of money over the years of performing with my band, so for the next eight months all I focused on was my music. I was either practicing to increase my guitar skills, performing with my band, sitting in with other bands and travelling up and down California, networking with other great musicians, with one goal in mind... to be the best and next famous lead guitar player like Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix! As summer began I did make sure to pick up my high school diploma and say goodbye to all my school friends and also found out from my mother that several letters had come to offer me college/university scholarships. But I wasn't interested in school more than finding out, what was my destiny to be in music.

My band and I performed our last engagement that July, since we had all decided we were going our separate ways with most of us finishing school. Meanwhile a friend of mine informed me that someone was coming to listen to me play that evening that could be a new opportunity for my future. Then an older gentleman in his thirties approached me afterwards and said he was looking for guitar player and felt my skill set and style was a good fit for his band in Los Angeles and asked if I was interested. With my band ending, I of course said YES! He said it may be a month or two till I'm ready, but I will call you soon.

Well after running full steam for the last seven months, I needed to make some money, especially if I might be heading to L.A. soon, so I got a sales job at Kinney's Shoes at the local mall. It was a perfect time, being August and back to school month and before I knew it, I was the top sales person in the store. But then, one late August evening, I was home, having trouble sleeping. It must have been around midnight and I found myself like sleep walking to outside the front of my home and stood on the lawn wondering how did I get out here.


I then was staring up at the stars above and one bright star caught my attention as it twinkled. In that very instant the black sky ripped open like black paper being torn from behind revealing a blinding white light as it peeled back from the center of the sky like two ancient writing scrolls with the edges on fire and suddenly... the face of Jesus Christ appeared as his face filled the entire sky and universe! I immediately fell flat on my back under the power of his glory!

The Lord was very angry and full of wrath and I began screaming, “I’m too late, I’m too late! He really did come back to earth again, like they were saying!” His hand then reached down as He pointed his index finger to me, almost touching my nose and shouted with a voice that shook the heavens, “YOU!!!”. I screamed back frightened, “What God? What do you want?”

He continued to point His finger and shouted, “I WANT YOU!” I felt his voice like a flood of waters rushing through my very being as if my body was a screen and I was terrified! I screamed back even louder, “Please don’t kill me God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What do you want?” He pointed His finger again, just inches from my nose and shouted, “YOU!!!”, and then disappeared. I was so frightened that for the next 24 hours my skin tone became a gray white death color and I was totally convinced God was going to kill me. It was mid August of 1973 and I was 17 years old when my life changed and I met Jesus face to face.

A few weeks later, early September, while working at the shoe store, I received a phone call from none other than the leader of that new Latin-rock band from L.A., Noe Falcone. The conversation was short and sweet as he told me his new band was ready and he needed me there by next week. I explained that I was at a new job and not sure I could get any time off. He said, I need an answer today, either your in or your out. I remember so clearly after hanging up, telling a fellow employee friend there at work that this band has a recording contract and they want me now. He said, "Man, you gotta go for it!" So I went to the store manager Rich and asked if I can take two weeks off to see if this band offer works out or not. With a boss type smile he quickly said no. 

I was sort of surprised, because I had quickly become his #1 salesman and then it hit me, no way was I gonna let some little job keep me back from my dreams. As I stared back at Rich I began thinking how I've worked so hard for this opportunity, practicing guitar day and night, running a band and performing every weekend for the last five years and suddenly I said, "I quit RIch, just send my check to my home" and walked out as the look on his face was utter shock. I walked past my salesman friend and said, "see ya buddy, I'm off to L.A.!" He smiled and said, "yeah baby!"

For the next two weeks I lived and practiced with the band in a large mansion home near the coast of Los Angeles that was owned by the lead trumpet Larry's parents. The band was big and made up of all professional musicians. Two trumpets, two saxophones, trombone horn section with a full rhythm section with drums, percussion, keys, bass and of course me, on lead guitar. I quickly was nicknamed "The Kid" since I was 17 going on 18 and all these guys were in their mid 20's to late 30's. 

I remember one night while just sitting around and talking with Larry the trumpet player he started talking about God and said that he was a "backslider". I asked him, "what's a backslider?" He said he had gotten saved and gave his life to Jesus to serve God. But after a while he went back to his sinful ways of drinking and getting high and turned his back on God. I never really heard of getting saved, being raised a catholic, and asked him, "how do you get saved?" He made it simple and said, "you ask Jesus into your heart and to forgive you." Then I told him of the experience I had about a month ago meeting Jesus face to face in every detail.

His countenance immediately shifted to one of fright as he was at a loss for words for a moment. He then seriously told me, "you have a calling on you life man!" I said, "what does that mean?" He says, "It means God has your number and he's called you to the ministry, to serve him buddy! You don't have a choice when he calls you like this. This doesn't happen to but a few chosen, like Apostle Paul, or Moses." Then I began to get real scared, almost shaking as Larry seemed so sure of the words he was saying. I pleaded with him that we should both start serving the Lord but he was convinced it was too late for him and told me that I had better serve the Lord.

Well, after those two weeks were over, I went back to San Jose to pack up my things and make the move permanent to L.A. since the band was already booked for steady engagements with a solid recording contract as well. I made it a point to say my goodbyes to a few closed friends of mine and jumped on a airplane as I felt I was really stepping into my destiny at last.


So I officially moved to Hollywood on my 18th birthday, September 24, 1973 with plans that I was going to be the next Carlos Santana or Jimi Hendrix rock star, but God soon had other plans. In fact, on that very day as I settled into my first new apartment near Hollywood Blvd and Vine St, I ended up hearing the plan of salvation on television that evening. Then it all hit me, with my face to face Jesus experience and the words about my calling to serve God from Larry the back-sliden trumpet player and I just fell to my knees in that little apartment, all alone and asked Jesus to forgive me and to come into my heart. And you know what? He did!... as I wept for the longest time and finally felt His spirit, power and glory for the first time in my life!

As I continued playing music and travelling with the band, I knew something was different about me now.  But not ever being around true Christians, I had no clue how to begin to serve God, let alone what church should I go to and soon found myself doing the usual things with the guys, like drinking and getting high. While on the road performing up and down the coast of California, I ended up spending one night back home in San Jose. Little did I know, God was going to show up again, and this time He wasn't playing games!

I remember clearly, as I was starting to fall asleep, I sensed something very eerie came into the room. There was a definite presence of a being that began to make my hair stand up in the dark of the night and then... suddenly, this invisible being jumped on me and I became instantly frozen, paralyzed, not being able to speak or move a muscle! In my mind I said to myself, "Oh no, not again!" You see, this has happened to me, off and on over the years and then would just leave but this time something different began to happen to me.... and it didn't leave. 

As I lay there in my bed, paralyzed, suddenly I felt my breath begin to leave my body, as if I couldn't breathe. I started to panic and realized I was dying and was going to meet God.... again. Though I couldn't speak out loud, my inner voice screamed and said, "No God!!!" And then I would feel my breath come back into my body and started breathing again but panting as I felt like I almost drowned. And just as soon as it felt like I regained some normal breathing, it happened again and my breath started to leave my body again, as my lungs felt like they were collapsing to struggle a breath of air. Again, I screamed with all my might as I could hear my inner voice say, "No God! Please, I promise I will serve you!" Then my breath would return to me again.

This was a real live outer body experience as I can see myself actually leaving my body and my soul was caught in the air between my body and heaven, pleading each time for God to spare myt life and promising to serve him. Without being repetitive, this continued on for at least an hour and maybe even two as I lay in bed drenched in sweat, almost too exhausted to continue this battle for my life. Finally I said, "God, I don't think I can continue this much longer, but I promise you, I will serve you". And just like that, it all stopped and I was no longer paralyzed. I then realized, God had sent the Angel of Death, and God had spared me another day to heed my calling.

I began to see a pattern of events taking place in my life, as if I was on His calendar and once a month for the last three months, it was another life altering experience. So, to recap, it was August of 1973 when I met Jesus, face to face at my home in San Jose. Then September on my birthday, I got saved in Hollywood of all places. Then in October, back in San Jose, I come face to face with the Angel of Death. And now it's November, a few weeks before Thanksgiving on the road with the band and I stop in Porterville, just outside of Bakersfield to stay with a girlfriend of mine. Remember, I wasn't serving the Lord yet or even understood what it took to serve God, so don't hold this against me... LOL!

But again, this was a significant night as God visits me for the fourth time in four months and this time in a very profound dream. In my dream I was on the streets of San Francisco (my actual birthplace) and I was walking up a very steep street on the sidewalk with residential homes to my right. For no apparent reason, I stopped walking, noticed this particular home, turned right  to walk up the steep stairs to the entry, opened the door and find myself staring at a LONG, NARROW HALLWAY with an archway shaped structure that seemed endless that went on forever, like eternity. 

I then proceeded to walk down this amazingly narrow hallway and felt like this was the right thing to do. I wasn't sure where it was going, so I just kept walking. Though I'm not sure how far or how long I was walking, but then for some reason I turned around and then proceeded to exit the building. But suddenly strong winds came from the sides of the hallway walls and blew on my like a storm, as if to make it harder for me to walk back to the entrance. I continued to struggle and fought harder against the wind with every step becoming slower and more difficult. 

Finally, I reached the entrance, stepped out onto the street and out of nowhere, like a mighty hand grabbed me and slammed me to the ground and immediately I began sliding on my back, down this steep paved black street with a force that was grinding my skin and flesh on my back against the hard pavement till I hit the bottom of the road and stopped. With that, I awoke from my dream and screamed out loud from the burning and pain as it felt so real.

My girlfriend, who was in the kitchen cooking breakfast heard me scream and shouted back, "are you alright?" I sat up from the bed and was still stunned in silence from this more than real life experience of a dream. I stood up with no shirt on and turned my back to her to get dressed. She could see me from the kitchen and suddenly screamed out, "Your back! What's wrong with your back!" I freaked out and said, "what do you mean?" I'll never forget the words she then said. "Your back is all burnt. You have a big burnt spot on your back!" 

I immediately looked in the large dresser mirror, turned around to view my back and saw nothing. I sat back down on the bed and thought to myself, "How is this possible? How could she see something I just had a dream of?" Well, I just sluffed it off as she couldn't have really seen anything and started to get dressed. Just then she says even louder, "There it is again... a big black burnt spot on your back!"


After hearing her the second time, I dropped back to the bed in a real fright and instantly remembered what my trumpet player friend Larry said, that he was a backslider because he had stopped serving God. Now I realized God was giving me another warning but I thought to myself, I haven't even had a chance to learn how to serve God and now God's telling me I'm a backslider too? I just sat there in tears and knew I had to find God and start serving him in some way or manner to please him or else.

A few weeks later I was back in Hollywood at a local hot spot nightclub and ran into some of the members of a top Latin rock recording group called El Chicano that I had previously met that summer playing in a band that had opened for them in a concert in Indio. As we sat around drinking and talking music, the leader said, "why don't you come and hang out with us at our concert tomorrow night, we're performing at The Palladium concert hall downtown Hollywood. I started thinking this could be a beginning a relationship that could help propel me faster in the music industry and if that meant leaving the present band I was in I was ready to move.

It's the next night and I'm hanging out backstage with the present top Latin rock band, "El Chicano" and trying to figure out how I might fit in especially since they mentioned that after this concert, they were heading to South America on an international tour. I then told the band that I would go out front, hang with the sound engineer and watch the concert from there and come back after the concert. The leader chuckled, "hey, make sure they give us a great sound!" 

After introducing myself to the sound engineer that I was a friend of the band he actually asked for my help since his assistant never showed up. So I set down my guitar which was in a nice solid hard case just next to the sound console as he showed me the layout on the mixing board. Another local music act came on stage for a short set and before I knew it, the sound engineer said he needed to use the restroom and would I run the sound. I said of course and off he went.

Well, the first act was done and the main act, El Chicano was setting up to perform but no sign the sound engineer. So, I just took charge and went on the stage to move the microphones and monitors to adjust for El Chicano. The band took notice and even the leader joked that it looks like they put me to work and now they really expected a great sound since they already had gotten to know me and my music background of having a band for many years and understood sound.

The concert was now over and out of no where, the sound engineer finally returned. I couldn't believe this guy had the nerve to make up some lame excuse that he got side tracked with some girl he knew or something so I just ignored him and went to the stage to talk with the band. Then the band leader guitarist came up to me and said, "Man, did you run the sound?" I said, "yeah, what'd you think?" He begins to rave and said, "that was the best sound we have ever had! You had the monitors spot on and I could hear everything so strong, it was the best dude!!!"

I said, "That's great! Let me go grab my guitar and I'll come backstage and let's talk!" When I got to the sound booth area, I started to panic, like, where's my guitar. Then I saw my guitar case and breathed a sigh of relief but as I stepped closer and took a real good look, I could see the latch looked loose. Now panicking, I opened it up as my heart dropped and sure enough, my guitar was gone! I freaked out and started running throughout the building, then around the outside of the building, hoping and praying I would see someone walking with my guitar, but nothing.

I went backstage and told the band members what had happened and to my surprise they weren't the least concerned about my loss, with an "oh, well, sorry" type of we could care less response as they continued packing up things. I really couldn't believe how insincere they were that they couldn't at least see how devastated I was and offer me some kind solace or something. I immediately left and began walking down Vine St towards Hollywood Blvd and literally crying out loud, "God, why me???" Then I thought about how I would always say my guitar was my idol and it hit me as the revelation came to me that my guitar was my god and God had to take it from me.

When I got to Hollywood Blvd, I didn't know which way to turn. I then asked myself, do I go to the right or to the left? Then something inside me said, "Go left". It was pretty late and as I walked with my empty guitar case, this guy says, "Hey guitar man", and started talking to me. I told him everything that had happened and he said, "it's time for you to serve God", and the next day he took me to a non-denominational Assembly of God church. It was Thanksgiving Day, 1973. 


I went into full time ministry and completely walked away from the music, the band, the touring and performing and knew it was time to get serious with God. Not long after, my band leader came looking for me and said, “We just got signed for a complete U.S. tour across the states and we need you! You can still serve God on the road, this is what you’ve always wanted and dreamed of, right?” I simply said with no hesitation, “No thanks, my dreams have changed and I’m going to serve the Lord where the Lord wants me.” I was 18 years old.

By the time I turned 21, ministry and music brought me to Nashville where I soon became an ordained minister. My ministry and music soon was meshed with a new career in the clothing business and wardrobing in the entertainment industry, working with many celebrities as I soon found myself catering to the likes of Waylon Jennings, Jessie Coulter, George Jones, Tammy Wynette and pop stars as well like James Brown, Gladys Knight, Motley Crue and Whitesnake.  


I eventually owned and operated my own retail store and wholesale clothing company with clients such as Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker and Eddie Money. By 1995 I was invited to the Jay Leno Tonight Show where I presented a custom shirt to Jay personally and Jay and I appeared on the cover of Key Magazine in Nashville.






Then suddenly one day while walking down a quiet street with no one in sight, I heard the audible VOICE OF GOD for the second time in my life with some alarming details of my calling. I remember looking around to see where the voice was coming from, then to see if anyone was watching me as I reacted to what I was experiencing. And as big as that year was in my clothing business, little did I know my life was about to drastically change again towards the ministry and that this was only the beginning.  It was 1995 and I had just turned 40 years old.


So by 2000 I walked completely away from the entertainment business and returned to San Jose, California for personal reasons and to be around my family as well. I became involved with another very large ministry and soon became the band director for local and international events and world conferences and by 2002 I started the Masada Band, known as the Santana-Chicago-Tower of Power Christian Latin Rock Funk Band. We recorded 4 CD’s and ministered and performed everywhere from small to large churches to concerts, festivals and world conferences with audiences of 20,000 to 30,000.  At the same time I also became the #1 salesman and sales trainer/motivational speaker for one of the largest print advertising companies in America  making a very healthy six figure income.


Around this time I had the idea that if someone spirit filled produced movies in Hollywood, that it could help change the world for the better. In this revelation I did not comprehend that God was actually talking to me because it just made sense to me that someone should do this to influence the entire world instead of through the traditional church and religious structure of today.

And then suddenly I got an idea for a movie as I could hardly write down the many pages fast enough and then copyrighted it. Immediately I had two more movie ideas as it felt like I couldn’t turn it off. But somehow I knew these movie ideas were to be worked on in the near future so I filed the ideas away for a season till I knew it was the right time.

Then in the summer of 2008, a year after rebounding from producing the largest concert festival of 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area featuring Sly & The Family Stone, Average White Band, The Latin Sensations with Malo, El Chicano & Tierra and Pete Escovedo on 7/07/07 in obedience to the Lord, the Lord then reminded me of writing movies and that now was the time to move on it. I soon found a local writer that had previously worked in Hollywood as a script reader then turned script writer and being that he was a Christian and knew many friends of mine, I hired him for $5,000 to be ghostwriter of my script.

Soon I was extorted to paying this writer almost $10,000 and ended up with only a partial badly written script. On top of that, the writer registered the script under his name and stole the first movie idea I had unless I continued to pay him more to complete the script. A Christian attorney soon convinced the writer to release the rights back to me since contracts proved the movie idea was originally mine.

After this horrible experience, I was attending a 3 day conference in August of 2008 with Kim Clement at Jubilee Church in San Jose and I put a fleece before the Lord to be answered or I would not pursue the movie project anymore and walk away. I told the Lord to show Kim Clement who I am in the spirit and for Kim to call me out in the midst of over 3,000 attending the service.

On the final day of the conference, just when Kim was winding up his preaching to give Pastor Dick Bernal the microphone to take the offering, Kim looked at me and said, “you there, stand up!” Then Kim prophesied and the first thing he said was, “I’ve been watching you and the spirit of the Lord has been showing me you all these days….and the Lord says your dream will come to pass!” He prophesied much more in great detail. (See the video clip at the top of this page) I wept.


So in November of 2008 I made a trip to Hollywood by faith to spy out the land and start pitching my movie. I flew out one of my best friends Jack Baxter, a movie producer from New York, to meet me in Hollywood since Jack had lived in Hollywood before and knew many people in the industry. Doors opened for more than twenty-one contacts including Shawn Boltz, who sensed my movie project was from the Lord and he immediately called Lance Wallnau and set up a meeting for me to meet Lance in the near future. I returned home with a renewed conviction to develop this movie and with new inspiration from my friend Jack who I then hired to rewrite a fresh script for $4000.

By early 2009, I cold called Motive Entertainment (marketing company behind the success of The Passion & Narnia) to see if my movie idea was good enough for Hollywood and they accepted my synopsis. The next day I received a phone call from the CEO, Paul Lauer and Paul said, “tons of material comes across my desk, but this one got my attention.” Soon we met and I struck a deal for Motive to meet me half way on the fee to develop a 40 page business and marketing plan with an executive summary for future potential investors.

But now I felt I had to really hear from the Lord before investing $20,000 and while in heavy prayer and questioning why God wanted me to make this film, I had an open vision. I beheld the entire world filled with billions of lost souls in horrific anguish, all going to hell and the Lord said, “that’s why I’m sending you into Hollywood!” I began weeping uncontrollably for an hour as the encounter resonated through my very heart and soul. I knew this was much more than just making a movie.

Still I felt I had to put one more fleece before the Lord so on the final day of a 3 day Benny Hinn crusade, I brought a copy of the movie synopsis, held it up before the Lord and requested of the Lord that I meet Benny Hinn that day. I though I had been seated on the platform amongst the pastors with Benny several times in the past since I am still an ordained minister, I was not sitting on the platform at this crusade being seated in the audience. After the event and while the stage was being taken down, Benny came out to shake hands with a small handful of people that were still fellowshipping. Benny then looked towards the back of the room where I was talking with some friends and suddenly pointed at me and said out loud, “You sir, come over here, I want to meet you. Who are you?” My fleece was answered a second time.

A few months later in April of 2009 I received a postcard invitation from a local church announcing special guest actor Jim Caviezel was coming to share his story of making the movie The Passion and was promoting his new bible on CD using top actors as the characters in the bible. I ignored the postcard but then someone at work handed me the same postcard and then I sensed the Lord was on this. So I called and asked Paul Lauer, the CEO of Motive Entertainment if I should try to meet Jim and pitch the movie. Paul said that he had recently had dinner with Jim and told me if I get the opportunity to speak with Jim, to tell him my movie idea is a winner!

After Jim spoke, I waited till the long autograph line ended to meet Jim. I shook Jim’s hand and gave him a prophetic word that his gift to this world was his heart of compassion and that God would soon restore him financially. Jim was so moved and touched by this so then I asked him if I could share my movie idea with him. He gave me his full attention as I then shared about Motive Entertainment being involved with my film project, since they were involved with The Passion, and the message from Paul that this film was a winner. Jim was intrigued with the movie concept and remarked it was powerful. Me being the salesman I am, I then asked Jim if he would be interested in being involved with the movie and Jim gave a very solid yes. Jim then gave me advice in recommending a certain top producer in Hollywood and said to keep in touch on the progress. I met Jim again a year later in 2010 and Jim thanked me for the update on the project moving forward with the focus on the script while still putting feelers out for possible investors.

It was still 2009 and not long after meeting Jim Caviezel, I flew to Sedona Arizona with an appointment to meet Lance Wallnau, since Lance was the guest speaker at a David Herzog Passover conference. I was already friends with David from the past and shared with both Lance and David my movie project and the path the Lord has had me on. Lance met privately with me in length and said there was no doubt the favor of the Lord is on this movie project and gave sound advice to me on how to cautiously proceed in prayer and wisdom. Lance has kept in touch with me by email and has continued to encourage me to stay the path sharing he is encouraged as well that I have stayed the course. Lance recently met with me and believes the time is now.

In 2010, Shawn Bolz invited me to a conference in Pasadena by Pastor Che Ahn focusing on the vision of Hollywood and the Church. Many key leaders attended like David Herzog, Shawn Bolz, Cindy Jacobs as well as key people in the Hollywood industry sharing on what God is doing in Hollywood and to encourage those attending to step into their calling if they have a passion for the arts & media. Then something happened the day I was checking out of the hotel. While waiting for the elevator, Cindy Jacobs exited. I greeted her and shared how the Lord was sending me into Hollywood.

Cindy intrigued, wanted to know more about me and began asking questions of my past and about the movie concept. After sharing how I was a former clothing designer to many celebrities and ran multi businesses over the years, Cindy began to prophecy over me and said if the Lord hadn’t taken me out of the entertainment industry the first time and had I gone into Hollywood back then that I would have been destroyed. Cindy continued, “But now the Lord has prepared you for such a time and just as the movie is a Joseph story, that you are also a “Joseph”. Cindy went on to say that she does not say these things lightly and that she spoke this prophecy by the Holy Spirit. I just stood there in the hotel hall weeping under the anointing. Cindy gave me her personal email and cell phone and said to keep in touch and that she would be praying.

As I was driving home that same day after speaking with Cindy Jacobs, I received a text from Shawn Boltz who was also attending the conference. Apparently he had run into Cindy shortly after she had spoke and prayed with me and his text said, “I ran into Cindy Jacobs and Gabe Ahn and we’ve been talking about you… want you to know we love you and that you are a JOSEPH Franco!” I wept again and worshipped the Lord as I drove back to San Jose being encouraged again from the Lord that I was on the right path.

In April of 2013, a photo of a beautiful electric blue Maserati popped up on my computer (since I love Maserati's and have looked at a few online but never really thinking of purchasing one) and as I viewed this vehicle online I clearly heard the Lord say, "Buy it". I thought to myself immediately and said, "What?... nah... is that really you Lord?" I heard it again and now it was haunting me, like is this for real? So I said to myself, I don't think I can afford, let alone qualify for this car loan, but if the dealer will approve me with a deposit only I can afford before I even go look at it, then I'll buy it. So I filled out the application and within a few hours I received a call and the dealer said I was approved and when would I like to pick up my Maserati!

The reason I'm sharing my Maserati story is because of what happened the very next month.  On Saturday, May 4, 2013, I was getting ready to head out that afternoon to a friends house to watch a big boxing match and before I could get out the door, the Lord says to me turn on the television. I was like saying, "What? I'm trying to get out the door, I'm going to be late!" He says, "Just turn the TV on". I'm saying to myself, "oh, what the heck, better see what's going on". And to my surprise, The Kentucky Derby was on, the trumpet fanfare had just started as the horses were beginning to walk out to the starting gate. Now, I love to watch horse racing, so I was glad the Lord reminded me and thought, well I'll just record it and watch it later.

Well, immediately before I could hardly finish that thought, the Lord says, "NO, watch the race!" Now, I'm really wondering what on earth is going on and as the #16 horse passes the TV screen the Lord says to me, "Watch this one." I laugh to myself and say out loud to the Lord, "So now you're telling me who's going to win? Gee, thanks... I don't even have enough time to place a bet!" Now, it's just before the horse is put into the gate and suddenly my mind and body freezes still as I read the sponsors name on the side of the pants the jockey is wearing... "MASERATI."

Before I know it, the announcer says those famous words, "They're off!", and the race begins. Well, it's not long till I'm asking the Lord, why am I supposed to watch this horse... the horses are on the back stretch before the final turn and #16 (I didn't know the name of the horse yet) is third from last with at least a dozen other horses in front. The Lord says, "just watch." They make make the final turn for the finish line and suddenly, the next thing I hear from the announcer, "And here comes Orb!" I look closer in disbelief and see Orb is my #16 horse, now closing fast to take the lead and before I know it Orb crosses the finish line and wins the 139th Kentucky Derby! 

Still starring in a frozen state at my giant screen television in utter amazement of what I just witnessed and experienced I simply asked the Lord, "what is this all about?" And the Lord replied, "I gave you the Maserati as a sign I've sent you to Hollywood for a purpose and like Orb, they won't see you coming and you will finish the race a winner for my glory." I then literally fell to my knees and wept as I truly realized my calling to Hollywood was being confirmed again by God.

In the fall of 2013, Shawn Bolz & Rabbi Jason Sobel invited me to a special Red Carpet event against human trafficking they were co-hosting in Hollywood which fell on a weekday. Since I was holding down a job at the time, I told Shawn it would be difficult. He said he felt I was supposed to be there and I said I would pray about it. Then I realized it fell on my birthday, Sept 24, but more importantly I remembered I got saved in Hollywood on my birthday 40 years ago to the date. The Lord spoke to me and said, Like Moses returned to Egypt after 40 years, so you are returning to the Egypt of today, Hollywood and to declare, "Let my People Go!

So I arrive this Hollywood event with three other pastor friends of mine. As we walk the Red Carpet taking photos along with other celebrities and special guests, this older Asian woman approached me to say hello, since I had met her at Rabbi Jason's prayer meeting one time and began to share how she wasn't planning on attending this event but at the last minute the Lord had spoken to her that she needed to go and thank the Lord for a great deliverance has come. As she continued to share an excitement in her spirit that she couldn't understand, she went on to compliment me on how nice I looked in my custom rhinestone tuxedo suit.

She said, "wow, you like like a prince!" As I began to thank her, she said in a very serious tone, "you know, you look like a Prince of Egypt!" Then her eyes suddenly widened, as if she just got a revelation and says, "You're him, The Prince of Egypt, the deliverer God told me has come!!!" Then she begins to jump up and down rejoicing and thanking the Lord and continued saying, "You're him, you're the deliverer!" I looked around to see who was probably watching this spectacle and to my surprise no one else was really paying us any attention as I just remained still and shocked along with my pastor friends trying to understand what had just transpired. 

In March of 2014  while still living in San Jose, I attended a revival conference in Yosemite with many guest speakers, but in particular my friend Johnny Enlow was speaking. While driving to the event, I was pulled over for speeding at 85 mph on a 55 mph highway in my Maserati. So I told the officer that I haven't had a ticket in over 10 years. Well he came back with a smile and said I was right and he thought for sure I would have multiple tickets since I owned a Maserati. So he let me off with a warning and chuckled that he also admired my Maserati.  I was very grateful and began to sense that this favor was some kind of sign from the Lord. 

After arriving the conference, I ended up having breakfast with Johnny Enlow and shared with him my speeding ticket encounter and how unusual I felt it was to not receive a ticket for going 30 mph over the speed limit. As we both laughed about it, he agreed it was a sign from the Lord that I would be receiving favor in situations that would seem impossible to overcome in my plight to pursue my calling to make movies. Then at the evening service,  under the anointing, Johnny gave me a very strong prophetic word and said, "Franco, you may not like the timing, but your ascent to Hollywood will take 10 years, and because of your humility, you will be crowned with his glory!" That was March of 2014.

Then in the summer of 2015 I sold my home in Northern California, moved to Los Angeles in obedience to the Lord to pursue producing movies for the kingdom and to disciple nations with the power of His influence through Hollywood and movies. As they say on the popular TV show, "The Shark Tank"... I'm all in and have invested over half million dollars since 2008 in pursuing this vision that God has given me and the responsibility to accomplish this... for His glory alone!

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