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Franco Presents - Five Feature Film Projects

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A fact based fiction story

A 21st century fictional ‘Joseph the Dreamer’, who is an autistic computer genius, wakes with amnesia, narrowly escapes death and is a fugitive of justice after discovering a CIA secret file regarding the hidden agenda of the major food manufacturers to dominate the world food supply along with the help of corrupt politicians and greed.​

Betrayed by his brothers and left for dead, Joseph’s only clue to his hidden past is an ancient precious stone around his neck, which not only is the key to our hero’s identity, but is also the key to save our world’s future and destiny!​

Just as 'Joseph from the Bible' had the answers through his genius and dream interpretations to save the world from a famine thousands of years ago, this story, set in present day technology reveals an unlikely AUTISTIC hero is here and interprets the dreams of our world leaders, being challenged to save the world from a real present crisis which is growing and will affect our future!

The Birthright Movie Project is an action, drama, romance story, unveiled through the adversity of jealousy and betrayal only to be overcome through forgiveness and  redemption and ultimately justice is served as love triumphs in victory!

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THE COPYRIGHT by Franco Masada

WGA registered #2185692


Blake, a young gifted ‘country boy’ writer from Nashville gets his first movie deal winning a Hollywood screenwriting contest, but unbeknownst to him, he has mysteriously written a true story about the unsolved murder of a Hollywood producer that took place before Blake was born, in which later he finds out was also his natural father whom he never knew existed.

Ironically Ritchie, the producer of Blake’s movie is the son of a major Hollywood producer who had stolen a blockbuster script and copyright from Blake’s true father and had him murdered, so in the end, Blake’s movie exposes the truth, justice is served and Blake regains his lost inheritance and true identity… and now Blake’s father has the final say.... or maybe The Copyright does?

Based on a true story

THE MIRANDA RIGHT by Franco Masada

WGA registered #2000248

On March 13, 1963 Phoenix police put Ernesto Arturo Miranda in a lineup and after being picked by an 18-year-old victim that was kidnapped and raped, the police got a confession out of Miranda after two hours of interrogation, without informing him of his rights to have an attorney present or of his right to remain silent and was sentenced to 20 to 30 yrs.

Miranda appealed and in November 1965, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Miranda's case, Miranda v. Arizona. Meanwhile, police brutality had been rising to an all time high in the 60's and many innocent people were being forced into confessions which was becoming routine.

Chief Justice Earl Warren knew of the abuse by the police and now Miranda is the HERO and his answer to stop this growing threat and makes his decision in favor of Miranda. An historic shift in law enforcement took place and on June 13, 1966 police departments around the country started to issue Miranda warning cards to their officers to recite.

Miranda was retried and still received the same sentence but was paroled in 1972 and after his release, he started selling autographed Miranda warning cards for $1.50.  But then on January 31, 1976, just after his release for violating his parole, Miranda was stabbed and killed in a violent fight in a bar in Phoenix during a card game. The man who killed Ernesto Miranda beat the system because he chose to exercise his right to remain silent and  invoked his Miranda rights. 



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THE GENIUS RIGHT by Franco Masada

WGA #2001156


People in general for the most part seem to decide their own future. As for geniuses, they have long thrived and prospered with the most prestigious careers in the world from sports & entertainment, to finance & business, to politics & government... but does the genius really have a say so in the matter as their path always seems precisely mapped out for them as though other forces are at work?


And what if their future was already mapped out for them, and the ones that didn’t stick to the plan always seem to end up dying mysteriously in plane crashes, freak accidents or assassinated?


Till one day, one extraordinary genius sees something that he shouldn't have seen and no one will ever believe him... but he can't compromise any longer and now he’s on a mission to expose the truth knowing he will suffer a mysterious accidental death as his friend just did but it's not about him, it's about the one he loves.

Based on a true story

THE DIVINE RIGHT by Franco Masada

WGA #2001158

The legendary spear of destiny, that pierced Jesus on the cross is said to give power to whoever possesses it and is passed down over the years to the infamous Maurice, the most highly trained warrior soldier and leader of the Egyptian Thebes army of 6,000 men in 286 AD. Maurice is highly feared throughout the lands but with the Spear of Destiny in his hands, he’s regarded as invincible.

With Egypt now under Roman rule, Caesar is also wary of Maurice and befriends him and makes him and his army the royal guard to protect the Roman governor and leaders of Rome in Egypt. Soon Caesar orders Maurice to take his army to a small village in France (now known as St. Moritz – named after Maurice) to protect some new Roman territory from the enemy.

But after arriving he only sees a peaceful village of Christians and now realizes Caesars objective is to annihilate the Christians and the entire town. Maurice refuses the order and the penalty for disobeying an order is a tenth of his army must die or all will face a sentence of death. Can the Spear of Destiny help Maurice fight and over power 100,000 Roman soldiers with only 6,000? Or is there another reason this spear has ended up in the hands of one of the most feared warriors of his time?

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