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MIT Scientist: Glyphosate to Cause Autism in 50% of Children by 2025. ​Apr 15, 2015 - A senior research scientist from MIT has warned that Monsanto's Roundup ... ofRoundup-ready GMO crop seeds) with rising rates of autism

MIT Scientist Uncovers Link Between Glyphosate, GMOs And Autism.

​May 11, 2015 - Autism is one of humanity's most mysterious afflictions. ...

Seneff also says that her research has shown that glyphosate can inhibit liver function ...

Half of All Children Will Be Autistic by 2025, Warns Senior Research .

​By anh-usa on December 23, 2014 GMO News. Why? Evidence ....

Urine testing shows Americans have ten times the glyphosate accumulation as Europeans.

The manufacturers of GMO constantly deny any link to the cause of many diseases such as cancer, liver disease, diabetes, and now even possibly AUTISM. You can see in the video below there is overwhelming evidence that GMO has caused the TUMORS in these RATS along with countless other studies (links above & below) revealing GLYPHOSATE which is in herbicides, pesticides and GMO, is linked directly to these diseases. Pesticides are also killing BEES! And if Bees die.... WE DIE!
Rachel Parent, 14 yr old 
Anti GMO Activist debates GMO's
& takes a big BITE out of...
Kevin O'Leary's 'you know what' 
from Shark Tank!
So the question remains, if there is a possibility of disease & Autism, then why did the FDA stop GMO & GLYPHOSATE TESTS indefinitely in 2016?  And why are they still allowing high unsafe levels of GLYPHOSATE,  found in honey, baby food, oatmeal, cereals?? ... that they, the FDA themselves have found??   
Monsanto has spread their lies of a food shortage and therefore say GMO is the answer, meanwhile denying the dangers of GMO and have created a takeover of the food market! They have been directly connected to every phase of our government to ensure this happens and keeping the true dangers of GMO from you.  "Control the FOOD, Control the WORLD!"
Look at the diagram below and see for yourself. As they say....
Where there's SMOKE... there's FIRE! Just review the links above and below:

Groundbreaking Study Shows Roundup Herbicide Causes Liver Disease


A new study published Monday in Scientific Reports, an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature, has shown that the glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats at very low doses.

GM Crops Now Banned in 39 Countries Worldwide

Following the recent green wave of genetically modified (GM) crop cultivation bans across the European Union, Sustainable Pulse decided to research which countries have decided to officially ban the cultivation of GM crops around the Globe.

New Study Shows Major Molecular Differences between GMO and Non-GMO Corn

A unique new study published Monday in Scientific Reports, an online, open access journal from the publishers of Nature, has used molecular profiles to reveal major differences in composition between a GMO corn and its non-GMO parent. These findings question industry and regulatory position of “substantial equivalence” and have serious safety implications.

Toxic pesticides from GM food crops found in unborn babies

Toxic pesticides which are implanted into genetically modified food crops have lodged in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn babies, research shows.

Autism at Moms Across America

Recent studies showed that glyphosate destroys the beneficial gut bacteria and .... and Seneff link autism to glyphosate sprayed on genetically modified foods, .. 

GMO dangers revealed by former U.S. government scientist

Since 1996, when genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were first introduced, we have seen a dramatic rise in the rates of food allergies, autism, reproductive disorders and digestive problems.

GMO Dangers: Facts You Need to Know

there are multiple reasons to doubt both safety and specificity. One concern is that Bacillus thuringiensis is all but indistinguishable from the well known anthrax bacterium (Bacillus anthracis). Another reason is that Bt insecticides share structural similarities with ricin. Ricin is a famously dangerous plant toxin, a tiny amount of which was used to assassinate the Bulgarian writer and defector Georgi Markov in 1978[1].

FDA finds glyphosate weedkiller residues in nearly all grocery foods, but has spent years hiding test results from the public

The two decades between 1994 and 2014 saw global glyphosate use boom from just over 56 million kilograms (123 million pounds) to around 826 million kilograms per year. Glyphosate is the world’s most popular weed killer and is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup product. In the United States alone, farmers douse their wheat, oats, corn and soybean fields in over 200 million pounds of this toxic chemical each year. Some spinach and almond farmers also spray it on their fields before the growing season.

Largest Native American Tribe in California Bans GMOs

The Yurok Tribe, the largest Native American tribe in California, will join other peoples such as those from Russia, Italy, and Germany in saying NO to genetically modified organisms. The tribe has just announced that it is implementing a ban on all GM crops and GM animals. 

Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands Filled with Dangerous Weed-Killer

Concern over glyphosate in food is on the rise after Monsanto was found guilty in covering up their cancer-causing product, Roundup. Monsanto has been under scrutiny ever since they were ordered to pay $289 million in damages to plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson.

Just after the first successful trial in taking down Monsanto, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a haunting report on the levels of glyphosate in food. According to the independent laboratory tests commissioned by the EWG, popular oat cereals, oatmeal, granola and snack bars come with a heavy dose of the cancer-causing weedkiller, Roundup.

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