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We are in PHASE 2 of this film project and need to raise $1 MILLION DOLLARS for SEED CAPITAL over the next 6 months by the end of 2018 in which our goal is to start production by spring or summer of 2019.
This seed capital will allow us to negotiate and secure the main cast and crew which includes a credited Hollywood director and several bankable actors for the lead roles, and attach them to this film project which is needed to secure FULL FUNDING of $25 million for production from key investors and banks as well as legal and consultation fees.
So, we are believing YOU will be one of 1,000 partners needed to invest $1,000 each. You can do monthly installments if needed to meet your pledge as well.
Attention Ministry Leaders;
We will tithe 10% to your ministry of investments that come from your church should you present this investment opportunity to your congregation. 
Your SEED investment plus 10% interest will be repaid before the film is made, once the full production fund is met and secured by the bank into our account and will be paid out as a line item expense in our production budget .
Besides the interest on your investment, you will own a piece of the film. 1% of the company profits on the back end will be set aside as dividends to SEED CAPITAL INVESTORS and prorated based on the percentage of your investment towards the $1 Million Seed Capital. 
The interest does increase should you decide to invest a larger sum:
- Any amount from $20 to $100 will be considered a donation
 -$101 to $5,000 investment will be repaid with 10% interest return
 -$5,001 to $25,000 investment will be repaid with 15% interest return
 -$25,001 to $250,000 investment will be repaid with 20% interest return
 -$250,001 to $1,000,000 investment will be repaid with 25% interest return 
Thank you for choosing to support The Birthright Movie Project. You are now a part of influencing the world with this powerful PRESENT DAY JOSEPH STORY which exposes the truth of our world's resources and the advent of a REAL POSSIBLE WORLDWIDE FAMINE to come in our very near FUTURE!      
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