Paul Lauer is Chief Executive Officer of Motive Entertainment Inc. who designed and implemented the record-breaking  "grassroots"  marketing  and  promotional campaigns for The Passion of the Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Polar Express, United 93 and Rocky Balboa;  collectively  generating over  $2  billion  in worldwide  film revenues.

Movies that can connect both entertainment with morals, values and current issues regarding our world's future health and welfare will appeal to the widest possible audience.

Motive  Entertainment  has  given  a  letter  of  intent  to  support  the  marketing  efforts  of

The Birthright and believes The Birthright has similar “cross-over” potential appealing first to mainstream with the CIA/FBI flavor of movies like "Bourne Identity" and "The Fugitive", but also many will be drawn to a present day version of "Joseph the Dreamer" story, which ensures this movie to reach its fullest and largest potential market. 

Motive Marketing looks forward to building an aggressive marketing strategy and business plan for “The Birthright”. Motive’s plan will be integrated into the movie to include various marketing hooks  and  story  components  that  franchise  the  movie’s  content across  all related platforms – video games, music, books, collectibles, products, computer software, hardware and electronics, foods, nutrition, health, etc.

Motive’s plan will ensure that “The Birthright” will be heavily marketed through a grass roots campaign with screenings, promotions, events and materials, as well as through traditional film marketing such as television and print ads, billboards, and trailers and standees at movie theaters.