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   Franco Masada brings thirty plus years of business acumen in the entertainment industry in music, production, public relations, promotions & management and was also a successful motivational speaker and trainer in the advertising industry being a seasoned veteran known and regarded as “The King of Sales”. (see video below) 

Formerly a successful clothing designer/wardrobe consultant for hundreds of top celebrities and clothing lines he is also an accomplished musician and record producer. Over the years his recordings have featured former members from legendary bands such as Santana, Malo, Tower of Power, Edgar Winters, Dio, Sly & The Family Stone and Michael Jackson.


IMDB credits include composer for the widely acclaimed documentary, “Brother Minister, The Assassination of Malcolm X" and recent acting roles in two new motion pictures with star actor Eric Roberts. Franco also produced the historical 40th anniversary of “Sly & The Family Stone" concert on 07/07/07. (see below)    

I have had the pleasure of knowing Franco Masada as a friend for over 25 years as well as being a former client of his. I first became acquainted with Franco in Nashville while I frequented Nouveau West, a specialty clothing boutique geared for the entertainment industry that he owned and operated.

His success in the clothing industry was very clear to me, seeing his savvy sense of fashion & style in wardrobe coupled with his magnetic personality in dealing with hundreds of major celebrities for many years, only to be accented with a superb business mind for public relations and promotions.

We have had many fun times together in radio shows, news interviews, filming television commercials as well as being my special guest backstage at many of my concerts across the country such as Nashville, San Jose and Las Vegas! 

Franco has my full endorsement and support in all of his new ventures in film, music and fashion of which he has proven to be successful in so many ways. I believe great things are in store for him and am happy to say he is my friend! 

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Franco Presents - Five Feature Film Projects

  Script in Development
    Script in Final Draft
    Script Available
  Script in Development
  Script in Development

 Investors Opportunity

Executive Producers:

Franco Masada

James Hawthorne


 Dan Katzman

 Franco Masada


 Franco Masada

Production Designer:

 Joseph Nemec III

Director & Cast:




"Bourne Identity meets The Fugitive"

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