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"Bourne Identity meets The Fugitive"

He can't remember the past...

but... he can see the future!

A present day Joseph is here...

but is it too late to save us?

Pre-production genre concept video                                               GMO causes tumors study

(double click video for full screen)

Synopsis - Summary

A fact based fiction story

A 21st century fictional ‘Joseph the Dreamer’, who is an autistic computer genius, wakes with amnesia, narrowly escapes death and is a fugitive of justice after discovering a CIA secret file regarding the hidden agenda of manufacturers of GMO to dominate the world food supply with corrupt politicians and greed and meanwhile scientific studies are ignored that prove GMO is dangerous.​

Betrayed by his brothers and left for dead, Joseph’s only clue to his hidden past is an ancient precious stone around his neck, which not only is the key to our hero’s identity, but is also the key to save our world’s future and destiny!​

Just as 'Joseph from the Bible' had the answers through his genius and dream interpretations to save the world from a famine thousands of years ago, this story, set in present day technology reveals an unlikely AUTISTIC hero is here and interprets the dreams of our world leaders, being challenged to save the world from a real present crisis which is growing and will affect our future!

The Birthright Movie Project is an action, drama, romance script, based on many TRUE STORIES & FACTS on how and why Genetic Modified Organism is driven by a monopoly and is at the root of an alarming increase in CANCER & and now possibly AUTISM.

        Birthed in pain and lost with amnesia, a survivor of a terrorist tragedy,

A chosen one is  born to save the world, to stop a future calamity.

        An ancient stone is the key, to solve the mystery of his  identity,

But it's also the answer to save us and lead him to his great destiny.

        His gift to read dreams reveals the future, a crisis is here and growing,

A world catastrophic event may come, and the clock is still running.

        As passion & genius lead to success, betrayal & lies leave him hopeless

Back from the dead & risen in power, is the answer too late in that final hour?

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